A unique

V is for different.

The business of home should be personal because a home is personal, and we believe it’s time to put the heart back into real estate.

A home is the people, the community and the memories that live within its walls. It’s about relationships. We’re passionate about houses, we study the market, we understand finances and we’re strong communicators. You can trust our expertise. More than that, you can trust us. To care about what you want and to give our all so you can have it all. When you work with one of our property agents, you work with all of us, because we believe success comes when we work together.


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V is for team.

We are creative problem-solvers who deliver enduring value
for every buyer, seller, and investor. Meet the team today.


Stephanie Robertson

Business Owner/Licensed Salesperson


Licensee Agent

Chantelle McCrostie

Licensed Salesperson

Stefan Moir

Licensed Salesperson

Kendra McBeath

Office Administration and Licensed Salesperson

V is for career.

Our MISSION is to change the real estate experience.


VVV Real Estate VISION is to help every day New Zealanders shape the future they want.


At VVV Real Estate, we exemplify our core VALUES through every action we take. Every day:


We are Passionate.

We are Reliable.

We are Trusted.

We are Empowering.


A career at VVV Real Estate means you have accepted the challenge to push yourself further than you’ve gone before in order to reach your full potential. All of us have more that we can give and further that we can go—and we each get to choose to chase after that potential each and every day.

Apply today, and change lives with us.